Natural Gas Efficiency

Fire Up Your Backyard With Natural Gas

Fire Up Your Backyard With Natural Gas

Outdoor rooms are becoming popular home improvements for entertaining and recreation. Natural gas appliances and equipment provide energy-efficient and reliable cooking, space heating, and lighting while adding warmth and beauty to any outdoor living space.

Many outdoor natural gas appliances qualify for a $200 rebate, please call Pensacola Energy at 850-436-5050 or click here for details.

  1. Patio heaters can extend the outdoor season by as much as 70%, increasing the comfort of an outdoor room. They’re usually cheaper to operate than electric models. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and come ready to use.
  2. Gas fireplaces provide the same atmosphere associated with traditional wood fireplaces, but with lower cost and more convenience. With a variety of styles to choose from, they’ll easily match the overall look of the outdoor space.
  3. Pool heaters usually operate at 89% to 95% efficiency. They raise water temperatures very quickly and maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate.
  4. Gas convenience outlets provide a way to quickly and safely connect and disconnect natural gas equipment. To accommodate larger parties, another gas grill can be easily added. Patio heaters can be moved around to provide heating as needed.
  5. Gas grills are safe and economical to use, with no messy charcoal or refilling propane tanks. It generally costs about eight times more to cook food for six on a charcoal grill than on a natural gas grill.
  6. Fire pits serve as a captivating focal point for any outdoor gathering. They’re lit or extinguished with the turn of a key or the flip of a switch and there’s no wood to haul.
  7. Gas lighting adds extra ambiance and security to any outdoor living space without attracting insects or producing harsh glare. Gas tiki torches are another fun lighting option, with a variety of styles to choose from.


The environmental benefits of natural gas go way beyond your backyard. Natural gas burned directly is a more efficient use of resources than electricity generated from a power plant. Also, natural gas is a clean-burning fuel, so fewer harmful emissions are produced. Compared to propane, natural gas emits 20 percent less carbon dioxide. Pensacola Energy offers rebates up to $3,000 when you add new natural gas service to your home. Click here or call 850-436-5050 to learn more.