Natural Gas Efficiency

Natural Gas - The Efficient Energy

Natural Gas – The Efficient Energy

When you choose natural gas as your source of energy, you’re choosing the most efficient energy that’s produced in America with minimum environmental impact. With natural gas, 93 percent of the original energy that leaves the ground reaches your home. Only seven percent is lost in the drilling and distribution processes.

Compare that to the electricity that is produced in this area by burning coal and natural gas. Only 28 percent of the original energy reaches your home as electricity. Seventy-two percent is lost in electricity’s less efficient conversion and transmission methods.

Although natural gas is not as inexpensive as it once was, it’s still the most cost-effective way to heat your home and your water, to cook your meals and to dry your clothes. Fortunately, natural gas is also the largest source of energy produced in America. Increased drilling, plus conservation by you and other customers, make natural gas more plentiful and affordable.

Whether you are concerned about conserving our precious natural resources or conserving your family’s budget dollars, natural gas is the best energy choice.