Natural Gas Efficiency

Washing and Drying Clothes


Natural Gas Dryers Can Shrink Your Energy Bills

Clothes dryers use a lot of energy, and they all work about the same way: They tumble clothes through heated air to remove moisture. Electric dryers use heating coils to supply heat, while gas models use a gas burner. Despite these similarities, gas and electric dryers differ in cost and performance. A gas unit can really reduce your energy load.

Comparing costs: Gas or electric?

A typical electric dryer uses 80 kWh per month. At an average price of 12 cents per kWh for electricity, an electric dryer would cost $9.60 each month to operate — or $115 per year.*

A typical gas dryer uses 3.2 hundred cubic feet (ccf) of natural gas and 4 kWh of electricity per month. At an average natural gas price of $1.08 per ccf and 12 cents per kWh for electricity, a gas dryer would cost nearly $4 a month, or about $48 per year.*

Natural gas dryers may have a little higher purchase price, but with their lower operating costs they pay for themselves over the life of the dryer. Remember, energy rates may vary and installation costs in some areas will depend on the availability of natural gas.

When it’s time to replace your old, inefficient dryer, upgrade to a natural gas model and earn a $200 rebate from Pensacola Energy. Click here or call 850-436-5050 to learn more.

*Operating cost figures are based on April 2020 rates.