Meter Clearance Guidelines

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Meter Maintenance Guidelines

Maintain A Three-Foot Perimeter

It is required to leave a three-foot perimeter around your natural gas meter for safety reasons. Natural gas meters are typically installed on the outside of buildings and are used to measure the amount of gas being consumed.

The three-foot perimeter is designed to keep the gas meter clear of any obstructions that could hinder access required for routine maintenance or in the event of an emergency. This includes landscaping, vegetation, debris, and other objects that could block access to the meter.


Natural Gas Meters Should Never Be Behind A Fence

Your natural gas meter must be in front of fences on private property to ensure that it is easily accessible for gas company personnel and emergency responders. Ideally, the natural gas meter should be visible and accessible from the street.

If a gas meter is installed behind a fence or other obstruction, it may be difficult for gas company personnel to access it for routine maintenance, repairs, or emergency response.