Excess Flow Valves

Excess Flow Valves

Excess Flow Valve Notification

In accordance with recent federal regulations, Pensacola Energy customers may request the installation of an excess flow valve (EFV) on an existing gas service line. An EFV is a mechanical safety device installed inside a gas service line between the gas main and the gas meter. Although an EFV is not required for the normal, safe operation of your gas service line, an EFV could help mitigate the consequences of a service line break by restricting or stopping the gas flow.


What is an Excess Flow Valve?

An excess flow valve (EFV) is a safety device designed to automatically limit the flow of natural gas when the flow of gas through the device exceeds a predetermined level.


What Does an Excess Flow Valve Do?

As illustrated above, an EFV typically protects the service line. If the service line is broken or severed, the EFV activates to limit the gas flow. This type of damage is usually the result of excavation. Although the EFV may help limit the effects of such an incident, the best way to protect against excavation damage is to have underground service lines marked by calling 811 prior to any digging or excavating.

It is important to note that EFV’s generally do not protect against slow leaks such as those caused by corrosion, small punctures, loose fittings, or leaks beyond the gas meter or inside the home.

*note: The actual EFV location may vary. Final location will be determined by Pensacola Energy.


Can All Service Lines Have an Excess Flow Valve?

No, EFV’s have pressure, size, volume and configuration restrictions.


Do Excess Flow Valves Require Maintenance?

No, there are no routine maintenance requirements for excess flow valves. EFV replacement may be necessary if additional gas appliances such as a pool heater or generators are added that exceed the capacity of the EFV.


Can I Request an Excess Flow Valve?

Yes, EFV’s are available to property owners, as long as no pressure, size, volume or configuration restrictions apply and there is not already one installed. Pensacola Energy routinely installs an excess flow valve on eligible newly installed or replaced service lines.

 If you would like to have an EFV installed in an existing eligible natural gas service line, there is a charge to do so. Most residential installations start at $650 and commercial installations start at $1000.

For more information or to request a detailed price quote, please call Pensacola Energy at 850-436-5050 during normal business hours.