The Comfort Plus Concept

The Comfort Plus Concept

To encourage the conservation of energy and, at the same time, provide the highest degree of comfort for our customers, Pensacola Energy has developed the concept of home design and construction known as Comfort Plus Homes. These modern, fully-equipped homes offer everything you expect in comfort…plus the efficiency and dependability that only natural gas can provide.

To receive “Comfort Plus” certification, a new home must comply with the Florida Model Energy Code, as well as meet or exceed the following minimum standards:

  • Natural gas heating system with a minimum AFUE of .80 has a longer service life than a heat pump, plus greater comfort.
  • Natural gas water heater with a high-efficiency rating lasts longer than an electric unit and is the most cost effective way to heat water.
  • Installed natural gas appliances such as a range, dryer, fireplace or grill give precise control and increased efficiency.
  • Air conditioning with a minimum SEER of 13 provides efficient cooling.
  • Ceiling insulation rated at a minimum of R-30 for the most comfort and efficiency (R-38 or higher is recommended).
  • Wall insulation rated at a minimum of R-11 provides temperature stability for year-round comfort (R13 or higher is recommended).
  • Off-grade floor insulation should have a minimum of R-11 insulation.
  • Double-pane windows offer extra protection against heat transfer.
  • Insulated doors offer extra protection against heat transfer.

Many attractive Comfort Plus Homes are now on the market, in a broad range of styles and prices. It is also possible to retrofit your present home to enjoy Comfort Plus benefits. Call Pensacola Energy at 850-436-5050 for information on how our rebate programs can help.