Drawing & Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 winners!

Pensacola Energy annually sponsors an essay contest and a drawing contest for 6th and 4th grade students respectively from participating schools. Since 2008, Pensacola Energy has provided free energy educational programs and awarded more than 50 students for their contest entries. Winning students receive a certificate of accomplishment, and $125 ($100 from Pensacola Energy and $25 from Members First Credit Union for minimum share deposit for membership) in a savings account. For more information please contact Pensacola Energy at (850) 436-5050.

Special thanks go to the teachers and schools that participated in Pensacola Energy’s SEE Programs.

Warren Kirkman – A.K. Suter Elementary School

Jaida Barrett – Blue Angels Elementary School

Christian Dearman – Brentwood Elementary

Ashlyn Greeson – Lipscomb Elementary School

Kalena Phan-Iland – Little Flower Catholic School

Elisabeth Adkisson – Redeemer Lutheran School

Reese Hulien – Redeemer Lutheran School

Virginia Lee – St. Paul’s Catholic School

Clarissa Hinerman – West Pensacola Elementary School